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  • Let us change the look of your home

  • It begins with a simple photo of the focal point of your house.

    Next, Chattanooga eXteriors digitally applies products and colors for you to preview. Chant product and colors until your satisfied.

  • Take the guess work out of selecting siding vs shingle and color.

    Chattanooga eXteriors can provide you a digital preview of what your house will look like in a variety of Hardie siding products.

  • 15 years of peace of mind and no paint brush

Chattanooga eXteriors

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Here's the Deal

We stress the importance of integrity and quality in all aspects of our relationship with the client from the initial consultation through the construction process to customer service after project completion

About Chattanooga eXteriors

Shingle remains a timeless style in home design. Whether you use it to accent architectural features or embellish your whole home, shingle embodies classic beauty. HardieShingle® siding not only offers the durability and lower maintenance you expect from all James Hardie® siding products, but it also creates an exceptionally beautiful exterior for your home.

Like all James Hardie® siding products, HardieShingle® siding is Engineered for Climate® to provide improved protection from your local climate. Unlike wood-based siding products which may rot, curl, warp, or split from extended exposure to moisture, James Hardie siding products resist the harshest weather conditions, prolonging the life of the siding. Plus, James Hardie siding products resist the spread of flame, providing greater security from fire than wood and plastic-based siding products. When UV levels, wind, rain, pests and flame are at their worst, James Hardie siding products deliver lasting durability and protection for your biggest investment.