We are everywhere and everything that you want us to be.  Giving you ideas, inspiration, deals for the things you want and the places you eat.   We are your connection to the best new restaurants, to the local artist just down the street and the inspiration you need to get those home projects in motion.  Beginning with the magazine right to your mailbox every month and now to the web with easy access to all those mobile deals right when you need them.  

The only question now is why?  Why do we do it?  For the sweet, sweet, love of all things local.  We love and admire each and every small business owner-as the creator of their own destiny, for the courage and drive to help make our community unique and great by bringing us those art inspired pieces, the pieces that make us and our homes unique.  To the craftsman that make our lives and the homes a little more beautiful and encourage us to strive to grow for our families, our children and our community.  Because we love our local businesses and we want to support them and for you to support them to build our community, our cities, and our lives.  

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Meet Our Staff

Joann Bustamante


10 year transplant to Chattanooga and mother of two children – Amelia and Deacon.  I strive to put out the best product that I can each month for my friends and local Chattanoogans.  I am an entrepreneur, crossfitter , a wanna-be surfer, and an expert multi-tasker. 


Juan Bustamante

Creative Director

So many hobbies, so little time.  Creative Director – a so-called idea guy- a title given to me and frankly, stressfully acquired.  Married to the boss and have 2 children that I adore as much as they (hopefully) adore me.  Mountain biker, Frisbee golfer, dreamable surfer and beer drinker by name.

Kelsey Chastain

Marketing and Communications Manager

Swapped award-winning journalism for an equally deadline-driven role. "Dog person," barre enthusiast, explorer and lover of Atlanta sports. You'll find me checking out live music, promoting animal welfare, and enjoying restaurant patios with my husband, Jordan, and our dog, Chip.

Dylan Rivera

Mobile App Account Manager

After years of traveling the US, I’ve learned the importance of a strong local community that relies on the success of a neighbor to be successful itself. I look forward to helping small businesses grow and create their names with those who use our mobile app and see our magazines. You can find me riding my little scooter around downtown or at the dog park with my pup Cove.